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“John is an amazing trainer.  I started with him about three months ago.  He has motivated me and taught me new exercises.  He has put in place a program that accounts for my needs and limitations.  He is always punctual for our sessions.  John has encouraged me to try new things at the gym.  I have gained strength and confidence in my workout routine because of John.  He is great about answering my questions when we are not together.”

Michelle L.


“This guy is legit!  He pushes me in all the right ways without being a jerk about it.  Love our martial arts based conditioning drills to warm up – and the weight sets are killer!  He’s always mixing it up and that’s huge for me.  He also gets right in and even let’s me punch him sometimes!  Highly recommended.”

Jill B.


“John is an exceptional trainer.  His Boxing sessions are amazing HIIT training and highly motivational.  We always follow with weight training which builds muscle and strength.  I have gradually lost 12 pounds over the past year under his supervision but most importantly feel great.”

Ciaran H.


“I can’t say enough about my time with John as my personal trainer.  He developed a workout regimen tailored to my specific goals (muscle definition and strengthening) and motivated me at every turn.  His energy and enthusiasm was contagious and inspired me to push myself harder with each session. With his guidance in showing me the correct movements, I’ve noticed incredible results in my muscle definition and just as importantly, have felt more energized and motivated to continue working out.”

Heidi Y.

“I have had the pleasure to train alongside and with John for the past several years. Not only does he challenge me to consistently meet my goals, but also to surpass them. He constantly encourages me to be the best version of myself that I can be. His positive outlook on life and fitness makes him a pleasure to train with. I sincerely continue to look forward to training with John for a long time to come.”

Adam G.

“I have trained with John Kane for the past year. He is a gem to work with as he has a knack for tuning in to what I need to work on as well as is responsive to my requests. I am always comfortable taking his suggestions. He is personable and respectful which makes him a joy to work with. I have seen great improvements in my workouts and results from working with him and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Theresa C.

“John is a great listener. He understands the importance of what someone’s individual goals are and focuses’ in on helping you achieve them. John is a great motivator and leads by example. I would highly recommend anyone to take the time to work with such an inspirational instructor.”

Eric C.

“I’ve known John for 4 years and would confidently recommend him to anyone. His enthusiasm, smarts, and work ethic are second to none and he genuinely cares about those he works with.”

Ken L.

“I have known John for about four years now.  John has helped me in the weight room by showing me exercises that fit my lifestyle and body type. I have a low range of motion so it is difficult for me to do certain weight training exercises safely.  John was able to adapt and modify an exercise routine so I was able to safely weight train. His knowledge of the human body and the ability to modify and clearly explain exercise routines for all body types was truly helpful.”

Matt M.

“Patience is hard to come by, but with John, working out and getting fit is much more enjoyable because he is so patient. He knows how to push you, so that you get the most out of your workout! I highly recommend him”

Liz S.

“Working with John means you are training 100 percent and then some. John brings passion, a mind eager to learn, and a strong commitment to make everyone around him better, faster, stronger to all of his training sessions. If you want to get after it and know you’re giving your all, you need to train with John.”

Mike C.

“I have been training with John Kane for the past 4+ years. While we are training martial arts together, we not only work very hard but also and have a lot of fun. I can say that I would not be in the shape I’m in if it weren’t partnering with John. Whatever your fitness goals are, there is no one better around to help you meet them.”

Tomasz Z.

“John knows muscles inside and out.  I worked with him for a couple years and learned a lot.  Also, I always found I could get the extra few reps when working with him.  He’s a great motivator. During the time that I worked with him, I went from being a mushy smoker to looking like a linebacker.”

Pete J.


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